• Farm Pond (Mudug)

The farm ponds will be used to harvest rainwater during spring and autumn. This farm pond will provide water to nomads and their animals in this region. They need affordable water during dry seasons for their animals and families. This project will consist of one farm pond of 5000m3 with a capacity to hold up to 5 million liters. We are building this pond about 100km from the city of Galkacyo in Mudug, central Somalia. We have decided to build this project in this remote location due to the scarcity of water in this area and the high cost of delivering water to this area. People and animals die here every year due to lack of water. We hope this project will help.

- The minimum investment is 50m3. Price per m3 is $ 5. 

- Investors will get paid for the water stored in the ponds. 

- Investors will get $ 1.5 per 1000L of water.

- Revenues will be distributed every 6 months.

- Investment continues until you get your money back plus a profit of 60%.

- The farm ponds will provide drinking water for nomads and their animals. 

- The farm pond will also be an emergency water reserve for the local community in case of droughts.

Why should I invest in the farm ponds?

There are several reasons why you should invest in this project. First, you will make money from this project. Whenever there is rainfall and water is stored in the ponds, we will pay the investors $1.5 per 1000L until they get their money back plus 60% profit. Second, this saves lives in case of drought as the local community will have an emergency water reserve.

How reliable is rain harvesting?

Rainfall in Somalia is not reliable. Spring and autumn are the usual rainy seasons. When it rains we will be able to capture as much rain as possible to irrigate our farms for several months or more.

Why are you building farm ponds?

We are building farm ponds to secure water supply for our farms. In addition, the ponds will serve as an emergency water reserve for the communities that live close to our farms in case of drought. Rain harvesting with farm ponds is a low-cost way to capture and store water.

How does the investment work?

Just like the greenhouses, you can invest in the farm ponds. The minimum is 50m3. Every time there is rainfall and water is captured, we will report the amount of water that has been stored in the ponds and investors will get $ 1.5 per 1000L of water which will be paid every 6 months until the investor gets their money back plus 60% profit on their investment. Revenues from the farm ponds are dependent on rainfall.

Am I investing in the land or the water?

We are raising funding for the construction of the farm ponds. However, investors will own the water that is collected during the investment period and will get paid whether we use the water for irrigation or we sell to others.

What if it doesn't rain?

There is a risk that it may not rain enough to fill the ponds. However, this will not change the investment but it could delay revenues from the farm ponds. When it rains, we will pay the investors for the water that is stored and when it doesn't rain there will be no new revenues until it rains again.

Are the locals going to pay for the water?

Yes. If we sell some of the water to others they will pay. However, they will pay much less than they normally pay to other water suppliers, especially during dry and drought seasons.

When will the payments be made?

Payment will be made to your app balance every 6 months in January and July after the end of the two rainy seasons in Somalia. Payment will be based on the percentage of your investment and the amount of water that has been collected. You can then re-invest or withdraw your earnings.

Are they any risks in this investment?

Yes, just like any other investment this carries risk. However, the risk is mostly climate-related. When it doesn't rain you won't make new revenues but this will simply extend how long you will have to wait to get your money back and possibly make profits.

Where can I see rainfall information?

You can see rainfall data from last year and averages from the last 20 years in the app under Info > Rainfall Data. You can also see the current weather conditions.

Farm Pond (Mudug)

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