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We are buying two types of camels for this farm. Young camels that we are breeding before they start producing milk and lactating camels that are ready to produce milk. The breeding camels are around the age of 6-7 years old who are ready to get pregnant this spring or the autumn. We are starting with 60 camels with the possibility to increase to 100 camels. The camels will graze naturally in an area near Galkacyo city, central Somalia. Camels are very important in Somalia both for milk and meat. Somalia is the world's #1 camel milk producer. The camels will be given utmost care by nomads who have been camel herders for many generations.

You own a share of the camel in the herd

A camel is divided into 10 shares

Estimated 20% annual return on investment

70% of the net revenues will be paid to investors

Payments will be distributed every 3 months

First revenues will start on Oct 1, 2019.

Investment ends after the investor gets a 60% ROI.

The minimum investment is 3 shares or 30% of a camel

No extra or maintenance costs

The project creates jobs for former nomads

The project produces milk for the community

How does the camel investment work?

Investors in this project will get a share of the net revenues from the whole herd. After paying expenses, the investors will get 70% of the net revenue until they get their money back with a 60% profit, after which the investment will end. 

What are the camel shares?

To enable more people to participate, we have divided camels into 10 shares. You can purchase a whole camel or a minimum of 3 shares. That means you own 30% of a camel. If you want to buy a whole camel you can buy 10 shares.

What are the camels used for?

The camels are mostly used for milk production. Some camels will be sold to other farmers/ herders.

Who gets the offspring of the camel?

The offspring or calves will be part of the herd and belongs to the whole project and all investors.

When can I expect the first revenues?

The first revenues will be paid on October 1, 2019. We will report and distribute revenues every 3 months.

How long can it take to get my money back with profit?

Right now, our estimate indicates that you can get your money back with a profit of 60% in 4 years. However, it can be longer or shorter depending on the price of milk, price of animals, production, and demand.

Do I have to pay recurring expenses?

No, the expenses for the gestation period are included in the purchase price. Expenses after the animals deliver and start producing milk will be covered from the revenues from the project.

Do you take commissions?

We will take a share of the net revenues from the project, 30% of the net revenue will go to us and investors will get 70% of the net revenue.

Can I sell my camel?

No, your investment is tied to the whole herd and will be paid back gradually until you get your money back with a profit.

Do I own specific animals?

No, but you own a specific number of animals in the herd. The revenues from the whole herd will be distributed based on the number of animals you own in the herd. In the app, you will be assigned to camel(s) from the herd to personalize your investment which you can give a name in the app and see their photo.

What if the camels don't get pregnant?

It is possible some camels may not get pregnant. Those camels will be bred again in the next season or will be sold if they are infertile. Any losses will be distributed in the whole herd and will not have an impact on a particular investor.

What if animals die, stolen or lost?

In any of those cases, the losses will be distributed in the whole herd and will not have an impact on a particular investor. We will be using GPS trackers to monitor the animals during gestation period when they will be grazing naturally.

What do camels eat?

Camels are herbivores and will graze. Camel can survive without food and water a long period of time. When they find water, they will drink as much as possible. They can drink up to 150 liters of water at once. At our care, the camels get livestock feed, water, and medicine.

Share of a Camel (Galkacyo)

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