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Help feed the growing population in Africa by investing in our upcoming greenhouse farms. Make good returns on your investment and a measurable social impact by helping us produce affordable quality food and create jobs for locals.

This farm will consist of 50 greenhouse units with the possibility to extend up to 200 units. The farm will produce diverse vegetables such as tomatoes which will be sold in the city of Galkacyo and nearby towns. 

We will be growing diverse vegetables such as tomatoes, spinaches, etc in this greenhouse.

The total size of this greenhouse will be 9800m2.

You are investing in a share of the food we are growing here.

The minimum purchase is 20m2.

70% of the net revenues will be paid to the investors.

Payment will be distributed every 6 months.

Investment ends after 18 months or until investor gets 30% ROI.

This greenhouse farm produces food for the local community.

The farm creates jobs for 12 people.

Where is the farm located?

This farm will be built just outside the city of Galkacyo in central Somalia. 

Who takes care of the farm?

We are employing 12 people who will work full-time and part-time to maintain the farm.

What kind of food are you growing here?

We are growing vegetables, mostly tomatoes, spinaches as there is a shortage of vegetables in this region. Our goal is to make this region self-sufficient in their need for basic vegetables which they import now from other regions.

Why are greenhouses necessary to grow food here?

Although the soil is fertile but due to a shortage of water, climate, insects and other problems, we have found greenhouses to be the only viable way to produce food in this area.

Why should I invest in this farm?

This farm will secure the basic vegetable needs of this community. In addition, it will create jobs and improve the livelihoods of this community. As an investor, the potential to make a good return on your investment is also high. We estimate that investors could make between 20-40% ROI while making a real social impact.

How long is the investment period?

The current investment period is 18 months or until the investor has recouped 30% return on their investment. After this period we expect the investors to get their money back. Investors will have the opportunity to re-invest or withdraw their money. The reason we set the period to 18 months is that we expect that the greenhouse will need a major renovation after this period due to the rough climate and we will need to raise new funding.

Do you take a commission from the revenues?

We make revenue sharing from the harvests. Investors get 70% of the net revenues and we take 30%.

Why is the investment ending after 18 months?

Due to the rough climate, we estimate that the greenhouses will need major renovations/reconstruction after this period. We will need to raise new funding to cover the costs of the new construction. In addition, we estimate that the investors will get their money back and a good profit after this period.

Is there a risk of losing my money?

Like most investments this carries risk. There is a risk that the harvests may not be as productive as we hope and other risks beyond our control such as security. However, we are doing our best to minimize these risks.

Can I continue investing after 18 months?

Yes, you can re-invest your earnings in new or renovated greenhouses.

How will the revenues be distributed?

After each harvest, we will send a report to everyone who invested in the greenhouses which shows the total production, revenues, and expenses. 70% of the net revenues will be distributed among the investors based on how much they have invested. We will deposit the money into each user’s app account. Which they can request to withdraw or re-invest.

The construction of this farm is expected to start in February 2019. You can reserve your share now. 

Share of Vegetable Greenhouse (Galkacyo)

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