has rebranded to Agrikaab

Why was it necessary to rebrand

The word "Ari" means livestock and specifically goats and sheep in Somali. When we started the platform, we had a narrow focus on these animals, but as time went we have expanded beyond just goats.

Goats were never our mission but a means to reach our mission which was to create employment for former nomads in Somalia and contribute to the local economy. As we have expanded to broader agriculture and moved on from trading goats to focusing on local agrifood production, it is become necessary to update the name to something that reflects on our progress.

Therefore, from 2019 we have decided to rebrand to Agrikaab. It is a play of the two words, Agri and Kaabe (which is a Somali word that means someone who supports or builds). As we did from the start, we want to support and build Somalia's agriculture and with our increased focus on food, we want to help the country become self-sufficient from local food production.

We are introducing new ways of farming to the locals and specifically to nomads, who get jobs and inspiration from our modern farms. Here our original missions continues, we will employ mostly former nomads to work at our new greenhouse farms and camel farms that produce milk.

Has anything changed on how the platform works?

No, it is still possible to invest in our farms and animals. If you have made investments on and had account on the apps, everything should be working as usual. Nothing changes except the name. Even mobile apps will continue to work for sometime until we migrate everyone to Agrikaab's new apps.

Our global investors

Our investors come from all continents from more than 50 countries

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In the news

Agrikaab Limited registered in Kenya and Somalia.