Our Murabaha microfinance provides microloans for farmers, livestockers and traders to boast the productivity of your farms, animals and small businesses

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How it works

Our Murabaha microloans help borrowers buy necessary materials for their farms, animals and small businesses.


1. Apply for a loan

It takes less than 10 minutes to apply for a loan from a smartphone or computer.


2. Evaluation

Each applicant's credit worthness is rigorously evaluated by looking into several factors.


3. Payment

Once an application is approved, the payment is released to the vendor immediately via mobile money.


Borrowers can choose to repay their loans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If requested, repayment can start after 60 days of receiving the loan.


We do not make cash loans but fund purchases of materials for farms, animals or business. Payment is made directly to the vendor through Mobile money.


While evaluating an application for a loan we build a credit score for each borrower by considering several factors such as assets, mobile money usage, income streams, social status, guarantor etc.


Unlike banks our target is to process every application within 48 hours. If approved payment is made to the vendor immediately using local mobile payments.

Our global investors

Our investors come from all continents from more than 50 countries

Somalia Kenya Sweden USA Germany Canada Denmark Finland France Spain Portugal Italy Czech Republic Slovakia Slovenia Estonia United Kingdom Netherlands Ireland Australia New Zealand Singapore Malaysia Mauritius Uganda South Africa United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia Bahrain China Japan South Korea Argentina Brazil Poland Croatia Turkey Hungary Uruguay Malta India Luxembourg Romania


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