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General Questions

What is Agrikaab?

Agrikaab (formerly is an agrifood tech company that enables anyone to invest in African agriculture from their smartphone. We are currently building farms in Somalia and Kenya where we are letting our global community to invest in livestock and greenhouse farms. We buy the animals for the users, plant the crops, sell the animals and the produce for our users. You can follow everything from our app.

Who takes care of the farms?

The farms are maintained by our team who are mostly former nomads and others with farming experience.

Where are the farms located?

We currently have farms in Somalia and Kenya.

Who is behind Agrikaab?

Agrikaab is founded by Mohamed Jimale, a former nomad who turned IT professional. Mohamed moved to Sweden 7 years ago where he worked for the UN and started (now Agrikaab). Today we are a team of 20 people working in Kenya and Somalia.

Is Agrikaab a registered company?

Agrikaab Ltd is registered with the Registrar of Companies in Nairobi, Kenya and in Somalia with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Mogadishu.

Who is your team in the ground?

We employ a team of former nomads through our local partner company . They are experts in livestock trading and herding. They take care of animals, monitor the local market, buy and sell animals for the owners.

Can I import my animals to my country?

Due to strict regulation it is unfortunately difficult to ship animals between countries.

Can I visit the farms?

Yes, if you are in Somalia or Kenya.

What can I do with the Agrikaab app?

You can use the app to monitor your investment and follow its impact. You can see the farms you have invested in, animals, greenhouses, sell animals, follow the market prices and your balance. We continuously post updates from our operation. You can also use the app to send your assets as a gift to friends and family or donate.

Where can I download the app?

The app is available for Android on Google Play and Iphone on Apple App Store. You can also use it from your computer by visiting:

About the impact

Can I see the impact of my investment?

Yes, in the app dashboard you can see statistics about how your investment makes a local impact.

Who supplies you the animals?

We buy animals from nomads who are livestock farmers in Somalia and Kenya. Almost all of the livestock in Somalia are owned by the nomads.

How you making social impact?

Our operations make several direct social impacts. 1. We create jobs for former nomads who work at our farms. These are people who lost their animals to climate issues and have moved to the cities. They take care of the farms, the plants and animals, sell the produce and buy animals. 2. We are making local communities self-reliant as we provide locally produced food that is more available and cheaper than the food that they import from neighbouring countries. 3. We provide market to nomads who want to sell their animals to us. 4. Agriculture is big part of the economies of Somalia and Kenya. We are bringing international investment to this vital part of the economy.

How important is agriculture for East African economies?

Agriculture is the biggest employer in all of East African countries. In Somalia, agriculture represents 75% of the country's economy. About half of Somalia's population of 12 million are nomads whose only assets are livestock.

Our impact

Creates jobs

Our investment creates jobs and livelihoods for farmers, livestock herders and traders who benefit from our projects and services.

Locally produced food

Our investment inceases local food production from our own projects and microloans for others in the agriculture value chain.

Supports the local economy

Agriculture is over 75% of Somalia’s economy (GDP). We are bringing global investment to this vital industry for the local economy.

Our global investors

Our investors come from all continents from more than 50 countries

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