Camel Farm

Hargeisa, Somaliland

From this farm our partner is selling fresh camel milk to the residents of Hargeisa city.

Animals capacity: 50

Minimum investment: 30% of a camel

Price per animal: $ 1500

Expected employees: 3-6

Estimated annual ROI: 20%

About the farm

This camel farm is located outside Hargeisa city the capital of Somaliland. We are partnering with the owners of this farm to enable our investors to invest in this project. Camels are very important in Somaliland both for milk and meat. Somaliland/Somalia is the world's #1 camel milk producer. From this farm our partners are selling fresh camel milk to the residents of Hargeisa. The demand for fresh camel milk is very high in Hargeisa and throughout the region. At this farm camels are given utmost care by nomads who have been camel herders for many generations. The animals have access to quality food, medicine and water.

Investing in camels

We have made an agreement with the farmers of this project to invest in their camel herd. The investment is not tied to a particular camel but we will get a share of the revenues generated from the whole herd. Our partner farmer is buying only camels that are lactating or pregnant camels that are close to giving birth. As an investor you can make money by getting a share of the net revenues from the project. Every quarter the partner will pay a fixed amount of the revenues from milk sales to Agrikaab. Investors will get 70% of the revenues paid by the partner until you have received your original investment back plus 60% profit. You will be able to re-invest in the same project or in other projects in the future. It is possible to invest in a whole camel or shares of a camel.

We estimate investors will get about 20% return on investment per year and will get their money back with 60% profit in about 3 years. It is important to note that these are only estimates and actual revenues could be different.

Example investment in this project

This is an estimate of potential return on investment on a 3 year period.

Invested Share Payback A. ROI
$ 450 30 %
of 1 camel
$ 720 20 %
$ 1500 100 %
of 1 camel
$ 2400 20 %
$ 7500 100%
of 5 camels
$ 12000 20 %
$ 15000 100 %
of 10 camels
$ 24000 20 %
$ 75000 100 %
of 50 camels
$ 120000 20 %

Project timeline

This an estimated timeline and may change over time.

Announced Buy animals First Payment
Sep 2019 Oct/Nov 2019 Jan 2020

Local impact

This farm creates jobs for employees who are responsible for taking care of the animals and selling milk. So far our partner has created jobs for 6 people. The farm also creates another impact by providing fresh camel milk to the residents of the city . In addition, we also make an impact by providing a market for people who want to sell camels to our partner.

Risk assessment

Every investment carries risk and investment with Agrikaab is no different but we try to be transparent and do our best to minimize the risks. These are the potential risk with this project

  • Security [low] The security situation in Somaliland is good and stable.
  • Droughts [high] Since the camels are grazing naturally there is risk for dorughts. Our partner is addressing this risk by growing livestock feed or sourcing feed from other countries.
  • Food costs [high] During drought seasons the price of livestock feed increases dramatically which can have an overall impact on the costs of running the farm.
  • Disease [medium] There is potential for diseases. We retain a veterinary who makes regular check ups on the animals. Sometimes there could be outbreaks that can kill animals.
  • Loss or theft [low] Since the security situation is stable in this region, the risk of loss or theft is very low.
  • Low milk yield [medium] Some camels may not provide the expected milk yield. This can have an overall impact on the total milk revenue from the animals or may reduce the animal's selling price in the market. These animals will be sold after the end of the lactation period.
  • Death [medium] There is always a risk of death of animals for different causes. In these cases, the losses will be distributed among all investors.

Terms of investment

By investing in this project, you agree to the following terms of investment as well as the general terms of service available here.

  • The investment is not tied to a specific animal. You own specific number of animals in the herd. If the animals die, are stolen or lost the losses will be distributed in the herd.
  • Agrikaab or its partners will not be liable if the causes of the loss are beyond its reasonable control, such as a war, act of terrorism, droughts, natural disaster or government act.
  • Investors will be eligble to receive 70% of the the revenues paid by the parter until they recoup their money back plus 60% profit.
  • To be eligible for milk dividends, the user must own at least 30% of a camel.
  • After the investors have received their money back with 60% profit, their investment will end and ownership of the animals will be transferred to the farmer.
  • Investors can re-invest their earnings or withdraw.
  • The expenses for food and administration will be covered by us.
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Our impact

Creates jobs

Our investment creates jobs and livelihoods for farmers, livestock herders and traders who benefit from our projects and services.

Locally produced food

Our investment inceases local food production from our own projects and microloans for others in the agriculture value chain.

Supports the local economy

Agriculture is over 75% of Somalia’s economy (GDP). We are bringing global investment to this vital industry for the local economy.

Our global investors

Our investors come from all continents from more than 50 countries

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