We enable anyone to invest in agriculture in East Africa to boost local food production and create jobs

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What we do

We are increasing the productivity of the agriculture sector in Somalia by enabling investment in new projects and people.

Online fundraising

We enable anyone from anywhere in the world to invest in Somali agriculture through our online platform.

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Our local team and partners identify, launch and run the projects. We currently run projects in Somalia.

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Why we exist

Our mission is to empower a new generation of farmers, contribute to the food security of the region and create jobs.

Creates jobs

Our investment creates jobs and livelihoods for farmers, livestock herders and traders who benefit from our projects and services.

Boosts local food production

Our investment inceases local food production from our own projects and microloans for others in the agriculture value chain.

Supports the local economy

Agriculture is over 75% of Somalia’s economy (GDP). We are bringing global investment to this vital industry for the local economy.

Our global investors

Our investors come from all continents from more than 50 countries

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Agrikaab Limited registered in Kenya and Somalia.